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Japan Association of Surveyors

1.The purpose of establishment of JAS

Following the enactment of the Land Survey Law in 1949 and the creation of national qualifications for registered surveyors and assistant registered surveyors, the Japan Association of Surveyors was founded in 1951 as an organization for survey technicians active in Government, Academia and Industrial Corporations and interested in joining together in a professional body whose aim is to contribute to dissemination and advancement of surveying technology and to enhance mutual friendship among, and the social status of, its members. The Association is a nonprofit organization approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (former the Ministry of Construction).

2. Organization

Administrative Board ・General Meeting ・Managing Directors Executive Board ・Executive Board ・Council

President ・Vice Presidents ・Directors General ・Executive Directors  ・Board Members (Quota : 30-35) ・Inspectors (Quota : 2-3)

3. JAS Major Activities

The Association publishes the Journal of Survey (a monthly journal) as well as other technical books in geoinformatics, sponsors survey and design system exhibitions and provides training and study courses to survey technicians and researchers. The Association engages in activities to earn revenue by offering services to calibrate surveying instruments, examine survey data obtained as survey results, provide consulting services to clients such as survey planning organizations and deliver the real-time electronic control point data. The Association has established a surveying technology promotion fund and awards its Survey Technology Promotion Prize every to outstanding survey technicians and researchers among its members for the promotion of surveying technology.

4. Member Services Center Activities

The Member Services Center is performing the following business for members.

MEMBERSHIP Ordinary Members 10,615
Student Members 370
Sustaining Members 2,198
as of Oct.2019

1) Activity for members

(1) The Journal of Survey (Monthly)

(2) G-spatial EXPO

G-spatial EXPO

28-30 Nov. 2019 Miraikan Tokyo,Japan

* Lectures

* Symposiums

* Exhibition

  Official web site of G-spatial EXPO

2) Publication of books etc.

Survey technical books, about 90 sorts including the following books are published.
(1) Survey relation books: Public survey work regulation, its regulation description and employment, work regulation and diagrammatic regulation of various basic surveys, textbooks for the license to surveyors, technical manuals for professional surveyors and beginners etc.


(2) Survey handbook paper: Sale of the survey handbook paper based on various work regulations etc.

(3) Other business: Distribution of a (an assistant) registered surveyor application form for registration Vicarious execution of the copy grant application of a basic survey result

5. Continuing Professional Development Center Activities

The Association provides the following training courses to educate and train survey technicians in order to enhance technology and to develop the quality for survey technicians.

(1) Social correspondence course: The surveyor assistant authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is held regularly.

(2) Survey expertise authorization: Authorization of the survey expertise in control point survey, photogrammetry, application survey, GIS,etc.

(3) School of surveying technologies: Survey expertise seminar-for-qualifying and other various technical courses.

(4) Survey training courses: Training courses for those are trying to become registered surveyors, assistant registered surveyors and land and house investigators are provided to assist in acquiring these national qualifications.

(5) Survey Academy: The Academy provides a GIS course, seminars for executives and training courses as an ongoing education and training system for self-development.

6. Surveying Technology Center Activities

The main services of the Surveying Technology Center are calibration and examination of surveying instruments and survey data, mapping out of survey implementation plans, analysis of survey results and other consulting services. The Center also delivers the real-time electronic control point data and provides other services.

1) Calibration of surveying instruments Calibration certificates are issued after precisely examining surveying instruments and other equipments whether or not they have adequate performance to achieve to achieve the required accuracy.


2) Official approval of control point results Examination certificates are issued for survey results (data) by determining whether or not surveys were conducted correctly in accordance with particular specifications.

3) Official approval of map results Examinations are made whether or not maps including numerical values were produced correctly in accordance with specifications, and examination certificates are issued to those maps and date that meet examination requirements.

4) Official approval of a computer program Examinations of survey calculation programs used in public surveys are made to examine whether or not they meet the calculation standards specified in specifications. Examination certificates are issued for programs that conform to the specifications.

5) Survey consultant
(1) Implementation of various experiment surveys, a preliminary surveys, a preliminary survey of an overseas survey and the coordinates conversion of land survey result 2000.
(2) Construction of a plan and design of survey implementation and various survey work regulations.
(3) Implementation of the precise analysis of crustal deformation survey and various kinds of geographical investigations.

6) Geodetic Surveying Data Service
(1) By the distribution servise of the established GNSS-based control station data, Real-time data of about 1,300 GNSS-based control stations throughout Japan are delivered to position information service entrepreneurs.

(2) In the service of “The GNSS-based control stations RINEX (30secnd sampling) data” We provide the reproduction in the form of CD-R,DVD-R,BD-R and HDD from data by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI).
(3) In the service of “The daily coordinate values of GNSS-based control stations” we provide the reproduction in the form to CD-R from data by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI).
(4) In the service of “The GNSS-based control stations 1second sampling data” We provide the reproduction in the form of DVD-R,BD-R and HDD from data by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI).

7) Survey planning and managing Services are undertaken on commission the clients of public survey works.

8) Proof of technologies developed by construction industries Survey technologies developed and studied independently by the private sector are examined, and examination certificates are issued.

COUNCIL OF JAS (as of June 2019)

President: Dr. Shimizu Eihan
Vice President: Mr. Murakami Masaki
Director General: Dr. Setojima Masahiro
Executive Director: Mr. Sumita Eiji
Secretary General: Mr. Fujita Naoyuki

Japan Association of Surveyors
1-33-18 Hakusan,Bunkyou-ku,TOKYO,113-0001,JAPAN

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